I Choose Now - Mindfulness

I Choose Now

I believe healthy living is not just about what we DO, it's also about what we don't DO. The choice to chill on our lunch breaks ...

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Why You Don’t Need To Be Perfect To Grow & Be Happy

If we are constantly disappointed in ourselves for making a 'mistake' or not being 100%, it's no wonder we experience unhappiness! Guilt! Depression! Low self ...

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Are Your Motivations For Exercise Causing You To Quit Or Feel Unsatisfied?

When I first started my fitness journey the one thing that kept me coming back was how I felt afterwards. At the time I was ...

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There's No Perfect Time To Start

There’s No Perfect Time To Start

There's no perfect time to start; waiting leads to wishing, wishing leads to time passing, and time passing leads to regret. begin.   Image screenshot of video on Instagram @ItzAnjelica  

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Maybe What You Seek Is Not In Things, Maybe What You Seek Is Freedom

In the last few years I have been chasing a feeling or way of being. It has been the very thing to bring me into ...

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Wellbeing Magazine

Give Yourself Permission To Actively Live Your Dreams

Love the cover of the latest @wellbeing_mag edition. Growing up I used to buy magazines every single month. I built up a huge collection andΒ created ...

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